Border City Tools Carries Carlton Stump Grinder Teeth

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

If you need stump grinder replacement teeth for your Carlton stump grinder, look no further than Border City Tools. We carry a wide selection of stump cutter teeth for Carlton machines, Ashland stump grinders, Miller, Promark, New Hodges, and other popular brands. Of course, every landscaping professional has their favorite stump grinding tools, but a lot of individuals who’ve been in the business for a while swear by the J.P. Carlton Razor Cutting System.

Why Landscaping Professionals Trust the J.P. Carlton Razor Cutting System

J.P. Carlton, creator of some of the finest professional tree equipment on the market, worked closely with Sandvik to develop their unique razor cutting system. It took the two companies several years to perfect this system, but their hard work paid off. Because, according to studies, this stump cutter equipment makes machines 50% more efficient. Also, according to Carlton, the J.P. Carlton Razor Cutting System offers the following advantages over similar products:

* Higher Cutting Efficiency

* Longer Tool Life

* Less Chip Spread

* Lower Maintenance

* Lower Induced Vibration

Yet, even such a durable and reliable machine requires maintenance, and part of this routine care involves purchasing stump grinder replacement teeth. It’s also a good idea to keep extras on hand. And Border City Tools carries a full stock of all the stump cutter replacement teeth you need at competitive prices. We even stock discount stump grinder teeth.

Trust Border City Tools for Carlton Stump Grinder Teeth, Drill Bits for Mining, and Construction Bits

If stump removal is part of your life, you’re a mining professional, or you work in construction, Border City Tools offers quality carbide tools for your big projects and everyday jobs. We also offer exceptional customer service because we truly value your business. We’ve been around since 1954, so we have over 60 years of experience in the industry. Feel free to call us anytime at (888) 571-3148 if you have questions about our products or if you would like to place an order. You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website.