Reasons to Remove The Tree Stump in Your Yard

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Did someone say mention tree stumps?  It’s probably not a hot topic of conversation but when they’re on your property, it can present a problem or two.

They may appear harmless, but it is really important to have them removed.  They can prove to be a safety hazard as much as a dead tree that can fall at any time without notice.

If you’re still up in the air on whether or not you should have a tree stump removed, here are a few reasons why you should contact a removal specialist soon.

Tree Stumps Take Down the Appearance of Your Yard

Tree stumps on your yard are an eyesore. They make your yard look sloppy.

If you want your yard to look presentable, you really need to remove the stump.

Tree stumps can lower your property value. Would you consider buying a house with an ugly tree stump or a house with a clean and tidy yard?

Stumps Can Pose a Hazard to Kids

If you want to transform your home into a kid-friendly zone, then leaving old tree stumps in the yard it is certainly a not a great idea. For families with young children playing outdoors, these stumps can be dangerous to them especially if they love running around the yard.

It is also a nuisance to have to mow the lawn around week after week.  They can break your lawn equipment if ever you accidentally hit one of them while maintaining the lawn.

A tree stump can also become your liability if someone else happens to trip over it.

If the tree stump is located near your driveway, someone driving at night might hit it.

Stumps Can Contribute to New Tree Growth

Usually, there are instances where a tree stump causes new tree growth. You may notice that small trees start growing around it, and this will make your yard look even less appealing.

Besides ruining your landscape, it can also cost you additional money as it would be tougher to remove plants that have already established their roots.

These new shoots are more likely to come back again, and you will need costly plant chemicals to kill them completely.

These new sprouts take nutrients from plants nearby, so if you are wondering why your zinnias are not blooming well, maybe that’s because other plants are absorbing all the nutrients.

Old Stumps Attract Insects

Leaving old stumps behind will not just make your yard an eyesore, it will also attract insects.

Since a decaying tree takes quite a long time to completely decompose, the stump will attract a variety of insects that call it home.

And although you may at first be indifferent to the growing number of insects combing your yard, eventually, they will make your way inside your house.

Termites can be one of the culprits that compromise the structure of your residence.

Instead of waiting for heavier consequences to happen and paying a huge fee for insect extermination experts, you can simply have the stump be removed.

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