Stump Grinder Bits for Vermeer Stump Grinders

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Decades ago, tree stump removal was a difficult and dangerous job, even for trained professionals. Then, in the 1950s, Vermeer invented the stump grinder and revolutionized tree stump removal and the landscaping industry. Still one of the most trusted brands in stump grinding equipment, Vermeer continues to produce high quality stump grinders that are used by landscaping professionals throughout the country.

There are plenty of good reasons why so many landscapers and tree stump removal professionals use Vermeer products exclusively. Vermeer stump grinders are built to be tough and extremely reliable. In fact, a lot of Vermeer customers confidently purchase used Vermeer stump grinders because they know these machines are built to last.

Finding the Right Stump Grinder Bits for Your Vermeer Model

At Border City Tools & Manufacturing, we’re big fans of Vermeer stump grinders too. So, we stock high-quality stump grinder teeth that are compatible with Vermeer models. In fact, our stump grinder teeth and econo throw-away stump grinder teeth are compatible with the following Vermeer stump grinders:

#6, 630-A, 630-B, #10, #665, #15, #1560, #2460, #186, #206, #502, #505, #222, #252, and #672

As always, though, if you have any questions about which stump grinder bits are compatible with your Vermeer stump grinder, feel free to contact us on the website or give us a call at (888) 571-3148. At Border City Tools & Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in offering the best equipment and information for your landscaping, construction, and mining needs.

Also, don’t forget that we also stock stump grinder teeth for Rayco, Carlton, and Promark stump grinders.