Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Friday, March 22, 2019

Tree stump removal entails removing the entire root ball of a tree from below the soil. This process leaves a large hole in the ground and takes considerably more time and labor than stump grinding. For an old tree with a large root system or that is embedded in very hard soil, stump grinding down to ground level may be more cost-effective than removal.

For stump grinding, professionals use a chipping machine to grind away the above-level tree stump. Tree stump removal and stump grinding services are available for private properties, multi-unit buildings, commercial properties and office buildings.

In some cases a tree stump should be removed completely instead of just ground down. Roots that are growing too close to a structure or near ground level might cause damage like cracks to your foundation, sewer pipes, and paved walkways and driveways.

Also, stumps are fertile ground for future tree growth, so if you don’t want more trees growing in the same spot, you may want to remove the stump altogether.

Professional stump removal services that offer tree removal may charge an extra fee for stump removal, because the job requires different equipment and often must be performed by a subcontractor.

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