Stump Grinding 101 featuring Vermeer Stump Grinders

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Start by using a shovel or garden rake to remove any rocks from around the base of the stump.  This is very important because rocks can dull or damage the teeth on the stump grinding cutting wheel.

Next, use a chain saw to carefully trim the stump as close to the ground as possible.  This step helps to speed up the stump removal process.

Next, use the hydraulic lever to raise the grinder wheel a few inches above the stump. Drive the machine forward to position the wheel directly over the stump's front edge. Start the wheel spinning and slowly lower it about 3 in. into the stump. Use the hydraulic lever to slowly swing the wheel from side-to-side to clear out the wood.

After you've dug down at least 4 in., raise the stump grinding wheel, advance the machine a few inches, and repeat this process. While operating the stump grinding machine, always stand at the control panel, which is located near the rear of the machine and well away from the stump grinding cutting wheel.

Little-by-little, continue to grind your way through to the other side of the stump. Stop and check to make sure that the freshly dug hole is at least 4 in. below the ground. Rake up all the wood chips and fill the crater with screened topsoil.

Pat down the area and lightly rake the soil.  Spread out an even layer of grass seed, and then maneuver the seeds with a rake into the soil. Water this area and cover the seeds with a thick cover of mulch hay.

This is a very simple and easy method to remove a tree stump. 

When considering equipment.  all of our products at Border City Tools are designed thinking about the needs and budget of our customers. We try to provide the best replacement parts for stump cutter and stump grinder machines used in the tree care industry. Our experience manufacturing these replacement parts allow us to provide the best quality and high performance parts in the market.

There are many reasons why so many landscapers and tree stump removal professionals use Vermeer products exclusively. Vermeer stump grinders are built to be tough and extremely reliable. In fact, a lot of Vermeer customers confidently purchase used Vermeer stump grinders because they know these machines are built to last.

At Border City Tools & Manufacturing, we’re big fans of Vermeer stump grinders too. So, we stock high-quality stump grinder teeth that are compatible with Vermeer models. In fact, our stump grinder teeth and econo throw-away stump grinder teeth are compatible with the following Vermeer stump grinders:

#6, 630-A, 630-B, #10, #665, #15, #1560, #2460, #186, #206, #502, #505, #222, #252, and #672

As always, though, if you have any questions about which stump grinder bits are compatible with your Vermeer stump grinder, feel free to contact us on the website or give us a call at (888) 571-3148.  At Border City Tools & Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in offering the best equipment and information for your landscaping, construction, and mining needs.

Also, don’t forget that we also stock stump grinder teeth for Rayco, Carlton, and Promark stump grinders.