Sharpening Stump Grinder Teeth

Friday, February 22, 2019

When removing trees and stumps, it can be difficult to find a way to sharpen carbide teeth. The simple way is to use a grinder with two different wheels on it, at two slightly different angles on the front resting plate.

Use the first wheel made of carborundum to grind the shank of the tooth away from the bit at a 1200 angle until the area being ground comes in contact with the carbide, then stop. Try not to overheat it and keep dipping it into water.

Next use an industrial diamond impregnated wheel at a 950 angle to the bit so the shank stays clear of the stump and all that touches the wood will be the bit.  You may have to repeat this several times to achieve a good sharp tool.

You may be able to do this one or two times before having to replace the teeth before they are too worn. This method will save you money over the years.

Border City Tools can also save you money when the time comes to replace these stump grinding teeth and pockets. All our products are designed thinking about the needs and budget of our customers. We try to provide the best replacement parts for stump cutter and stump grinder machines used in the tree care industry. Our experience manufacturing these replacement parts allow us to provide the best quality and high-performance parts in the market.

At Border City Tools we carry our own house-brand stump grinder teeth and pockets. Their patented design guarantees superior cutting performance. Our stump grinder teeth work with almost any brand stump grinder. Our stump removal product fit popular stump grinding brands such as: Carlton, Vermeer, Rayco, Promark, Doskocil, Hodges, and more. ?For any questions about our stump grinder replacement parts.

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