Tree Stump Grinding: Why it’s Right for You

Friday, January 25, 2019

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a process that removes a tree stump without removing its roots. A stump grinder is used to grind out the stump and leave a fine sawdust in its place. This option for stump removal allows you to have the stump ground down to your desired height. The grinding can be an inch below the soil or even as deep as sixteen inches underground. When it is ground, the sawdust left behind eventually mixes in with the surrounding soil and creates a rich top soil. This usually takes about a year or two, depending on the moisture levels.

Why Would You Want to Remove a Tree Stump?

There are a few different reasons you would want to remove a tree stump. They can be an eyesore in any lawns or landscaping areas, they can be tripping hazards, pests and insects are attracted to decaying tree stumps, and untreated stumps may even harbor diseases or fungi that can put other plants in your yard at risk. Grinding the stump will either solve of prevent any of these issues from taking place. It will also allow you to plant things where the stump once was.

Border City Tools is Here to Help!

At Border City Tools, we can assist you with your stump grinder needs. We carry a variety tools needed for the task that includes: stump grinder teeth, stump grinder pockets and other replacement parts. Call us today at 888-571-3148 for your quote or reach out to us through our contact form on our website.